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Who We Are

We are a computer + electronics recycler, repair shop, refurbisher, and store. We provide a wide range of services, including safe and secure recycling of computers and electronics, as well as ITAD services (on-site decomission of IT equipment).

We stand behind our refurbished products. All products now come standard with a 90 day limited warranty. Browse our online inventory!

We recommend...

Computer & Electronics Repair

We repair most electronic devices, including computers, tvs, audio equipment, and more!

For a repair quote, please call, text or email us. To provide an accurate quote, devices may need to be diagnosed in person. See more details here!

Safe & Secure Electronic Recycling

We provide IT asset disposition (ITAD) and electronic recycling services for businesses as well as residential electronic recycling services, all FREE of charge. We also provide hard drive destruction services. All hard drives from recycled and decomissioned equipment are securely destroyed.

Instead of throwing your electronics away and cluttering up landfills with non-environmentally friendly wastes, recycle them! Make your community a better place by choosing to recycle. The difference starts with you. Get started here