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Secure Electronic Recycling for Businesses

ASX Electronics is the solution for hassle-free computer and electronic recycling in Omaha and Lincoln, NE! We ensure your business, remains your business, with our secure data destruction process.

Electronics piling up in your storage room? We'll quickly and effectively pick it up, for FREE (up to 25 miles away), and get it out of your way!

It's FREE?

Yes! We provide this service, for everyone, for FREE, commercial or not. Recycling shouldn't cost you. This is a great solution for small businesses that can't source funding for their recycling needs. Trust us for professional IT asset disposal that safeguards your data and the environment.

Not a business?

We offer recycling services for residential customers too! Click HERE if you're not a business and are just looking to get rid of your old items!

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As a leading provider of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, our business is committed to securely recycling computers and electronics while adhering to strict standards, including those set by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Our approach prioritizes the protection of sensitive data throughout the disposal process, ensuring that all hard drives and storage media are physically destroyed in compliance with industry regulations.


Upon receiving hardware for disposal, our expert technicians conduct thorough evaluations to determine the most appropriate disposal method for each device. Functional equipment suitable for resale undergoes a thorough refurbishment process, while all hard drives and storage media slated for destruction are immediately routed to our private and secure destruction site.


Transparency and accountability are integral to our recycling process. Clients receive comprehensive documentation certifying the destruction of all hard drives and storage media, providing assurance that sensitive information has been effectively eliminated and that all regulatory requirements and industry standards have been met.


Moreover, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through responsible waste management practices. We partner with certified recycling facilities to ensure that materials extracted from electronic devices are handled in an environmentally conscious manner, promoting resource recovery and reuse wherever feasible.


In summary, our business excels in securely recycling computers and electronics while providing comprehensive ITAD services that prioritize data security, regulatory compliance, and environmental sustainability. From evaluating decommissioned hardware to physically destroying hard drives, we uphold the highest standards of excellence in the industry, providing clients with peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information is thoroughly protected throughout the disposal process.

Accepted Items

  • Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Tablets & Phones
  • Computer Accessories
  • TVs, Displays, Projectors
  • Motors & Transformers
  • Smart Watches & Wearables
  • Game Consoles
  • Speakers & Audio Video Equipment
  • DVD, BluRay Players
  • Printers
  • Servers, Server Racks
  • Network Switches, Routers, Modems
  • Hard Disks, Flash Media & Tapes
  • Battery Backups, Power Supplies
  • Batteries
  • Wire, Lightbulbs, LED Fixtures
  • Biomedical Devices
  • Electronic Parts
  • Motors & Transformers
  • Other Assorted Electronics

What items do you charge for?

Only these select few, and only because it costs us additional processing fees to dispose of them.

The following are accepted for a FEE of $0.50/lb
  • Plasma TVs \ LCD TVs older than 2010
  • Inkjet Printers, Large Copy Machines
  • Plotters

LED and OLED TVs are FREE!
More than 5 TVs of any type, per week, incur a $25 per unit charge. 5 or less is free!

Are there any items you don't accept?

Yes, since we primarily recycle electronics, we cannot focus on all areas of recycling. We are not equipped to deal with large amounts of the following materials on a consistent basis.

The following are NOT ACCEPTED
  • Tube TVs \ CRT TVs
  • Rear Projection TVs
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Plastic Waste, Glass & Bottles
  • Cans and Metal Scrap
  • Cardboard, Foam & Paper
Packing materials may still be mixed in

Are there any additional associated fees?

We provide standard electronic recycling services FREE of charge.

• To issue a Certificate of Destruction, there is a one-time $50.00 fee. One certificate per job.

For a full comprehensive report with your Certificate that reports serial numbers, there is an additional cost of $1 per drive.

How do you keep our data safe?

We prioritize the security of client data. We use the DoD 5220.22-M method for all devices containing data. All data mediums are physically destroyed, typically via shredding.

Regular training for our team maintains proficiency in data security practices. Rest assured, safeguarding your data is our top priority.

What is the DoD 5220.22-M data destruction standard?

It's a standard set by the US Department of Defense used to guarantee that all data is destroyed, with no chance of recovery.

The Type M method dictates data must be destroyed via means of disintegration, incineration, pulverization, shredding or melting. We use this method to ensure your data is safe.

Do you decomission datacenters?

Yes. We will decomission any small datacenter 10 full size racks or less. Please contact us for further details. Please include any special instructions, photos are appreciated so we can properly prepare for your job.

Do you provide asset tracking?

If requested, we can provide an inventory document with the certificate of destruction, listing all drive serial numbers destroyed. This service does cost extra, as it requires a great deal of additional work.

Do you pick-up?

Yes we do! In fact, for businesses, pick-up is FREE up to 25 miles from our locations! $20.00 per 25 miles after the first 25 miles.

What do you do with accepted electronics?

All hard drives and data storage mediums are destroyed. Anything else may be used for parts, broken down into their core elements, or refurbished through our secure process.

Do you accept non-electronic items?

We do not accept non-electronic items. Metal scraps mixed in with electronic scrap are accepted, but we will not accept strictly metal, cans, plastics, or other recyclables. Boxes and tubs are acceptable for transport.

How do you handle CRT or Tube devices?

We no longer accept tube devices, although ocassionally we make an exception. Cathode ray tube displays require special processing, and we want to make sure it's done correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner, so all tube type devices go through a basic screening process by our team and are then sent to a dedicated facility that specializes in tube disposal.

Certificate of Destruction

Our Certificate of Destruction serves as a crucial document attesting to the thoroughness and efficacy of our data disposal processes. It provides our clients with tangible evidence that their sensitive data has been irreversibly destroyed in compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. This certificate not only offers peace of mind but also serves as a legal safeguard, demonstrating due diligence in protecting confidential data throughout its lifecycle.

The Certificate of Destruction is issued following the completion of our data destruction procedures. It details key information such as the date, the types and quantities of data-bearing devices destroyed, and the methods employed. By providing this comprehensive documentation, we offer transparency and accountability, empowering our clients to confidently demonstrate their compliance with data protection regulations and industry best practices. Our commitment to issuing accurate and detailed Certificates of Destruction underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security and customer satisfaction.

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