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Component Level Repair

Electronics Repair

$100+Game Consoles (Playstation 5, Xbox, etc)
$100Charge Port, HDMI Port Repair
$100+Surround Sound Receivers, Amplifiers
$120+TV Repair
$60+General Board Repair

Computer Repair

QUOTEVirus, Malware Removal
$100 Windows or macOS Install
$150Login Password Removal
$200BIOS or Firmware Password Removal
$150Bricked BIOS Recovery
$75Drive upgrade with data clone

General Pricing

FREEElectronic Recycling
FREEDiagnostics with Work
$50Diagnostic Only
$150+Expedited One-Day Repair (3x rate)
$50Device Cleaning
$20 / 25miDeliveries

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