Warranty & Returns


A standard 90 day limited warranty is provided on all purchased electronics without additional cost. Items are tested guaranteed to function as intended; however, should an item cease to function normally or cease all functions, we will repair, replace, or refund the purchase amount after diagnosing and confirming the cause of the failure. Warranty begins immediately after purchase.


This warranty does not apply under the following conditions: (1) If the system was dropped or physically damaged. (2) If liquid was spilled on the device or if the device was submerged in liquid. (3) If the device contains an operating system, and the user accidentally or intentionally corrupted, damaged, or modified the operating system or storage medium(s) the operating system was installed on. (4) Item serial must be registered in our database or proof of purchase is required. Under any of these pre-defined scenarios, the buyer must pay repair costs to have the item repaired or returned.

Return Policy

Buyer is able to return an item should it malfunction or function other than stated, with the exceptions listed under Section 2. Returns are otherwise not permitted, unless written as otherwise.